Korean Glass Skin Facial Services in Issaquah, WA

Treat yourself to the ultimate skincare experience with our Korean Glass Skin Facial! No matter your skin type, this facial is the perfect way to achieve a deep cleanse and a glowing complexion. Relax and let our Master Esthetician choose the perfect treatment for you using the best Korean medical-grade cosmetics, backed by scientific research. Experience the epitome of luxury skincare, make an appointment today for a flawless, radiant skin!

Our Korean Glass Skin Facial consists of:

  • Growth factors to repair damaged skin
  • Wrinkle treatment with peptides
  • Moisturizing Goat Milk serum
  • Vitamin complex B, C and E to brighten skin, alpha-Melight to reduce melanin synthesis
  • Camellia sinensis leaf water for soothing effect, calming for acne prone skin
  • Enzyme deep cleanser to absorb dirt and remove sebum
  • Double mask to seal in the moisture and hydration
  • Serum that detoxes the skin and also provides antioxidants that removes free radicals, dead skin and brightens and strengthens your skin barrier.

Korean Glass Skin Facial

Korean Glass Skin Facial-$165