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Dermal filler injections can be a non-surgical and beneficial option to treat multiple signs of aging. At Vital Aesthetics, we use hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, a natural substance that is found in the body and delivers hydration to the skin. The natural aging process makes our skin more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines caused by repetitive muscle movement. Sun damage and genetics also play a role in how our skin ages. Hyaluronic acid can refresh these areas by plumping and hydrating lips and under eyes, lifting and contouring the cheeks, raising depressions from scars, adding volume to creases or folds in the face, sculpting the jawline, softening smile/laugh lines, smoothing necklines, restoring volume in the temples, contouring the nose, and getting rid of wrinkles.

Fillers are a perfect solution for versatility! They can even restore volume loss on the hands!

Obtaining filler injections with hyaluronic acid enhances and rejuvenates different areas of the face without a need for surgery or other invasive treatments, temporarily restoring the volume loss beneath the surface. At Vital Aesthetics, we offer Restylane, Versa, Juvéderm, Radiesse and Sculptra as filler options, and the versatility that fillers offer makes it one of the best options for non-surgical treatments. We will determine the best product to address your needs and areas of concern during your consultation or initial appointment.

For patient comfort, a topical anesthetic is applied before the procedure. After dermal fillers are injected, results are typically visible immediately after treatment. However, swelling will likely occur for up to one week, depending on the treatment area, doses injected, and your body’s response to the injections. Give yourself two weeks before any event or vacation. You will see your authentic results 2-3 weeks after your filler injections. The longevity of results varies but may last anywhere from 6-24 months, depending on the area being treated.


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*Outcomes vary depending on numbers of syringes purchased. On average 6-7 syringes are needed.


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